Shoshi Winstanley-Brown

Your life.Your style.


I am me.

That is quite possibly the simplest and most self-evident sentence possible in any language but it is possibly the most actively misunderstood, misused, and troubling, too. I am a creative coach, meaning that I offer life and style coaching. What that means, simply, is that I work with you to create a plan to make your life your own, make the way you interact with the world your own - in other words, I will work with you to help you discover yourself and then to show that self to the world. Are you the you that you wish to be? Are you many different selves, some of which are parts that you wish to show? It may be time to talk, plan, and move forward with a life that you truly want and a style that makes you feel at home in your own body and mind. I am me, Shoshi Winstanley-Brown, and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Be you.

You are most certainly you. The question is not who you are or even what is the meaning of life, out there in the world. It is, simply, are you living the life that you want? Is it reflecting the you that you feel, not just the person staring back in the mirror, but is it in line with your values, your feelings, your choices? If you want to take a step back from the minutes of your day following one after another and make a change, no matter how big, how small, fast, slow, or seemingly impossible. Let's explore the potential for creativity, expression, exploration. Let's make the changes that you wish to make.