Shoshi Winstanley-Brown

Ready to begin?


Become more you.

People often say things like "be yourself", "seize the day", but they really just mean you should find a way to express yourself within the confines of what you are already doing -- I can't help thinking that this is a rather awkward way to have to express yourself if the only thing you can change is what you say or wear or perhaps as far from usual as changing your hair style and color.

Living an authentic, mindful life is not about changing everything, nor is it about changing nothing. It is not resigning yourself to try to feel happy with what you have but it's certainly not being miserable because you don't have everything you want. I am telling you what it's not because I'm sure you've heard and seen in many places what pretends to be mindfulness, authenticity, but it either boils down to "accept your life and find happiness in it" or "life is meaningless; accept this and be free".

Life is full of meaning! From the smile of a child to the warmth of a dog's fur on your fingertips, the embrace of a loved one to the beauty of a sudden sunrise over the horizon, the words you speak through laughter with your best friend to the sweet taste of summer wine sitting on a blanket under the setting sun. Our days are filled with about a thousand minutes and in those minutes are a thousand meanings, some forgotten moments later, others remembered for years to come. Sometimes people say "the meaning of life" is the most difficult thing to find but it's not difficult, not complicated, not even elusive or philosophical. You live the meaning of your life with every action, every choice, every sensation, and you give life the meaning you desire it to have. It's not something you have to search for. Like a story, the meaning of your life is written in your thoughts, actions, words, experiences and that is what is so astonishingly wonderful about it. With every passing minute, hour, day, you decide what you want your life to mean.

Live your own life.

So I ask you this question in all seriousness -- what is the meaning of your life?

I am not surprised that some of it is exactly what you want it to be and other pieces are things that you would like to change. Perhaps those changes are small, perhaps sweeping, large shifts in your life. Perhaps they are things that you have known for years that you want to be different but don't quite know how to make them happen or they may be things that you have only just realized that you wish to be different.

If you were to have a different life from the one you live right now and it were to start tomorrow, what would you keep the same and what would you change? Whatever the answer, that is what I am here to help you achieve. It may take a month to make the changes you desire for your life to reflect your goals, desires, values, personality. It may take a year.

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that is often quoted saying "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". It is most likely quoted because it's true, indeed, a single step starts every journey. But a single step is not enough. The journey of building a life whose meaning reflects your authentic reality takes commitment, hard work, understanding. It is, however, a journey on which I can help you find the path you wish to walk.

You are your own person. Are you prepared to live a life that reflects who you are?

Creativity and change.

You are a creative person seeking change. You may not yet have realized your inner potential or you may already be exploring and expressing it every day -- or, more likely, somewhere between these two points. You are doubtless ready to make changes in your life, to put in the effort required to live a life that is a reflection of yourself every day.

I can offer you my hand in a partnership on the journey that you are taking, to help to guide your footsteps and plan for a future life that is truly within your grasp, each step of the way. You cannot predict the future but you most certainly can create a new reality for yourself. I will help you but you will build it.

How do we begin?

When you are starting on any change in your life, you know that this is not a decision to take lightly. If I am to help you you reach your goals and build a future that better reflects who you are and what you believe in, reading about me here is not going to be enough. I know that text cannot replace the experience of talking to a person and you can only benefit from my help if you feel comfortable talking to me as we plan together.

That is why I offer a short "meet me" session. This can be done either in person or by video -- audio is really not an experience of who a person is and we need to get to know each other at least a little before you make your decision. You wouldn't have come this far if you didn't already know that you want to make changes. If you are ready to begin, contact me today and we will arrange the introductory meeting and you can make your decision from there if I am the right person to help you.

The details...

Nothing worth having was ever instant. It takes work, thought, and time. Your life, the most important decisions that you make for your happiness, your future, are perhaps the best example of this. That being said, however, it doesn't have to take forever.

This is why I offer a monthly package of four weekly sessions. Change truly is possible in four weeks. It may take longer, depending on where you are in your life and where you want to be. But nothing is impossible once you make the decision and take that first step. Your options for bespoke coaching sessions are simple, regardless of what type of session they are, where you are, what you need from me. I offer my help and the sessions will be designed completely around your visions, desires, and goals.

Four weekly sessions, lasting approximately one month, are sold as a block. You can pay all of this up front or pay it in four instalments, one each week before your sessions. I try to offer you a flexible approach to this. You will book all of your sessions in advance, four at a time, and that way you will know well in advance what to expect.

You can pre-book eight sessions at a time for a 10% discount or twelve for a 15% discount. We will discuss the possibilities in your introductory session, mostly based on how long it may take, depending on how much you wish to achieve. You can always continue in four sessions at a time and you are free to end your sessions at any point. You are not locked in at all. As with all things, I believe that your life must be about your choices and it is a choice that you make to come to me. It is important to note that sessions are purchased in blocks of four and each block of four is non-refundable as a unit. If you purchase more than four sessions at a time, you are entitled to a refund of any block of four sessions that has not been started.

Sessions are about an hour and a half -- perhaps we will need a little more than that sometimes. They can be in person or by video chat. If you are in the London area I am perfectly happy to come to you as your convenience is important to me. You are free to reschedule or change the format of the session, as long as you give reasonable notice (in most cases, forty-eight hours but there are, of course, emergencies and you will never miss out on a session because something unforeseen happens). The cost of the package is £3,000. Each session is available to be prepaid until twenty-four hours beforehand at a cost of £750. This not only includes the session itself but several personalised benefits. My aim is to not only provide convenience, but fully comprehensive support. This is why my coaching comes with unlimited telephone and email coaching, explained in more detail below. I take on a limited number of clients per month. This allows me to devote my time to ensuring that you gain as much as possible from your experience.

1 . telephone contact

If you have a difficulty, need to talk, have any questions at all, you will be able to reach me. If I am in a session, I will contact you as quickly as I can. There are no limits to the number or length of phone calls, and I encourage ongoing over the phone coaching in between our sessions. This is a vital part of my approach to building a more authentic life. You must feel in control of the decisions and changes that you are making and this means being able to rely on me to be there when you need guidance or support.

2 . Email

You will be able to email me any time and get an answer within a short period of time. Anything I can do to help, I will certainly give you answers, guidance, and explore possibilities with you between your sessions. Write to me whenever you like and we will consider this to be an extension of what we do in the normal scheduled sessions. You may write to me a few times between our sessions or you may have questions every day. However you work, that's perfectly okay.

3 . Goals

Once a session is over, that is only the beginning for change. We may have laid out a goal or there may be many things for you to look into, change, do, explore, think about, write, research. Of course, these are all things that we will decide on together to fit with the changes that you wish to make. But, as I said, change takes commitment and real effort and you will be working on these things throughout the week in preparation for the next session and for the future that you are building. Of course, I will be here to help you through, either with email or telephone contact. I will likely ask you to send me at least some answers to questions and information that you find between most sessions and it will mean that we can use the next session more thoroughly rather than you simply telling me what you found when you arrive.