Shoshi Winstanley-Brown

Your Life.


Life Coaching?

Take the vision that you have for your life, refine it, See it from inside and out, and make happiness, success, and self-fulfilment something that you make happen, not just a dream. Every thought, every decision, every action can bring you closer to the life you want.  Your journey is waiting for you.  All you need to do is recognise it and take the reins.


Why is it useful?


It's your life...

Of course you have freedom of choice.  But to what extent have you taken advantage of your right to determine what happens in your life?  How many times a day do you simply do what you’ve always done without wondering if there is a better way, something that will let you achieve your goals?

Today is when you will answer some of those questions.  The ones you have pushed to the side as overly time-consuming, too drastic or just impossible, and the ones you haven’t even asked yet.  This is the beginning of creating a roadmap to the life you choose - because only you have the power to change your life and only you have the right to decide where you go from here.  


Real examples...

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Real life examples of success?

Let's take a look at what this truly means for you - not just as a hypothetical concept but practically. How can you change your life in ways that you never imagined possible but always dreamed of, starting from where you are, right this moment, through the power of decisions, commitment, and creativity?

A simple example is this...

You have been working in the same company for a number of years and have gradually worked your way up, achieving excellent benefits and salary.  Your passion has always been to write.  You saw yourself writing a novel one day and told yourself that at some point in your life you would do it.  You leave work every day feeling exhausted and wishing you had more time to devote to all of those things in your life that really matter to you.  

My approach...

My first question:  What are your values?  To build a life that is unique to you because it is designed entirely around your personality, passions and individuality, we first need to determine the discrepancy between your values in theory and in practice.  You love to write, but maybe you also want stability.  We would discuss what you hope to change versus what you want to improve.  You might find yourself needing more work-life balance, or it could be that you desire a complete change of career and lifestyle where you can dedicate yourself to your writing.  We would look at your life and who you are to find your truth.  We would analyse what is holding you back, whether it be fear of change, failure or rejection, overwhelm at starting a new project without experience, lack of confidence in your writing.. And together we would build a plan of action that would help you overcome these mind-blocks and take the necessary steps to make your goal your present reality.

You have goals that you want to achieve in your personal life. These might be specific like passions you wish to pursue or an improved balance between your work and home life. Or maybe you wish you could find more enjoyment in the life you have but struggle with confidence or feel held back. 

My approach...

It is easy for us to become side-tracked from our goals and push our desires to the back of our minds, thinking there is no solution. There is always an answer, and deep reflection through the use of various techniques like visualisation, reframing a situation and opening ourselves to alternative perspectives allow us to release the emotions that have restrained us, overcome these personal challenges and create our lives intentionally and with purpose.


Your ideal life has always been to set up your own business that would give you both temporal and geographical freedom.  You are currently employed and are not sure how, when or whether to take the leap.  You are financially secure and don’t hate your job, but your everyday life just does not feel like the sort of life you ever saw for yourself.

My approach...

How much is your financial security worth?  What are the consequences of losing it versus the consequences of not making your life your own?  Often, our fear of taking action far outweighs the actual risk.  We would analyse your belief system that has lead you to feel trapped in your current situation without options.  We would open the gateway for alternative beliefs that would enable us to find the right way forward for you.  Together we would build a new way of thinking that would allow you, with ongoing support, to make the necessary transition to create a life of freedom and fulfilment.


The Shoshi Approach


Let me be your guide...

Life, they have said for five thousand years, is a journey of single steps.  As with any journey to a place where you have never before travelled, you are far less likely to get lost with a guide.  I will not tell you what to do or how to think.  What I will do is ask you questions, help you find your own answers, and give you solutions to make those answers possible.  It will take commitment and hard work from you but I give my solemn promise that it will be my privilege to help you through it and work hard my end for you, to achieve those individual pieces that together create the life that you actively choose for yourself.

It will always be your life - you have a right to live it in a way that fulfils you, makes you happy, and brings you a future that you don’t just look forward to but makes you feel truly alive.



Personal Benefits


Wholeness is key to life...

There can easily be life without a cohesive approach but it is a life without direction, without goals, and without the possibility of achievement. Together, we will start with what motivates you, what makes you feel accomplished, feel happy, feel connected to your life, and turn that into a working plan that you want to put into action. You are already working hard at your life - why not work hard at making it a life worth living, for yourself and for the future?