Shoshi Winstanley-Brown

Your Style.


Your style is your inner voice speaking...

How would you define your style? Is it a good representation of how you feel, who you are, your dreams, your desires? Or is it what you think you should wear? Is it what everyone around you accepts? And is that enough for you?

Do you want to express yourself, not just more authentically but be able to show all the different sides of your personality from clothes and hair to accessories and even in the way that you hold yourself and present yourself to the people around you?

There are many sides to you. Are there many sides to your wardrobe, your vision of yourself? We can fix that and give you the chance to show yourself not just as a pane of glass but as a prism, reflecting all colors, but showing the one you desire at every moment to be your own.


Why not just go shopping?


What's in Your Bag?

You can go shopping.  I’m sure you do.  Imagine yourself in the shop and what that experience is like.  Is it uplifting, self-affirming, defining the you that you want other people to remember, to think of, to hold in their mind as who you are?

It's likely a combination of browsing through things that you think you might like and are available in your size, trying on enough to fill three suitcases, becoming overwhelmed, and picking objects that get the best reactions from your best friend or partner from the changing room mirrors.

We can be far more directed. Save time, plan, and create styles that work for you, piece by piece, to create the you that already lives inside and that you wish to present in all the different areas of your life.


How is it my style if you help?


It's always your style!

You make the choices. Not only in the store but my assistance is to help you to discover the image that represents who you are, what you would like to convey to the different people and situations in your life, and where to find those solutions. They’re your situations, your decisions, and your ideas. I simply connect you to how you would want to present yourself - not simply a mask to cover your true self but a reflection of what’s already inside. It couldn’t be more you!


Where do I get my inspiration?


Beauty is my lifeblood.

I have been told that the most important thing in life is to make an impression but, as often impressions are not positive and frequently forgotten when the next impression is made, this seems far too simple. Making a splash is fairly easy - you simply shock people and they will remember for awhile. But you don't just want to be a person remembered for one entrance. You want to be a person for whom each encounter, each time you leave the house, is an expression of yourself that builds memories for those you see and who interact with you. You are not building an impression but showing the world the side of your life that you feel like displaying today. I am inspired by the beauty that surrounds us and, perhaps more so, by the beauty that is hidden behind those who are simply not letting their personality be their calling card. I am inspired by what could be, what will be, and what will be remembered.


The Shoshi Approach


Let me be your guide...

Life, they have said for five thousand years, is a journey of single steps.  As with any journey to a place where you have never before travelled, you are far less likely to get lost with a guide.  I will not tell you what to do or how to think.  What I will do is ask you questions, help you find your own answers, and give you solutions to make those answers possible.  It will take commitment and hard work from you but I give my solemn promise that it will be my privilege to help you through it and work hard my end for you, to achieve those individual pieces that together create the life that you actively choose for yourself.

It will always be your life - you have a right to live it in a way that fulfils you, makes you happy, and brings you a future that you don’t just look forward to but makes you feel truly alive. 


Practical examples...


Practical style success stories?

Let’s take a look at what this truly means for you - not just as a hypothetical concept but practically. How can you embody your own style in ways that you never imagined possible but always dreamed of, starting from where you are, right this moment, through the power of decisions, commitment, and creativity? 

What can working with a style coach™ mean for you?

A simple example is this...

For years you have had the same look.  You’re not quite sure when it came into existence or if you even chose it.  Every day you look in the mirror and you are used to seeing this image staring back at you, but you can’t really recognise yourself in what you see.  No one could say there is anything bad about your look.  You are well presented.  But when you look into your reflection you can’t see your personality, your energy, your individuality.  You see a person, but you can’t really see you.

My approach...

First, we would discuss how you feel about your style and what you think is missing.  Together, we would look at every aspect of your personality to make sure that all of you becomes part of what you present to the world.  We would discover your style personality, and ascertain your body shape to find the clothes that would best suit your figure.  Through carefully selected garments and accessories, we would create a look that fits with who you are, leaving you feeling vibrant and authentic.  We would create your look. 


Why does style matter in the big picture?

Shoshi Winstanley-Brown Life Coaching and Style coaching™ London


The self is a deep and complex idea but self-confidence is something with which we all struggle sometimes. We have an extra shot, or we layer on more make-up unnecessarily, in an attempt to give us that extra boost of confidence. But we forget that what we are lacking is not actually missing inside - and we can't put it in. It's that we are not reflecting who we are, who we want to portray to the world, what we are feeling. When you are a mirror of your desire to be seen as you are, how you present yourself to be, your confidence will flow from the power you feel from being not simply genuine but complete in a way that you cannot be without a clear demonstration of who you are.

Shoshi Winstanley-Brown Life Coaching and Style coaching™ London


They say that the truth will set us free but the truth is flexible and you are a human being with multiple truths. The truth for you today most certainly will set you free but it is in how you express it that gives you strength. When your style fits today's reality, you have the confidence to present yourself to the world like never before. Your style is a reflection of your mind, your thoughts, your knowledge, your personal truth. When you show that to people, they will never see anything but your strength and passion.

Shoshi Winstanley-Brown Life Coaching and Style Coaching™ London


How you feel about yourself is the truly primary goal of stylistic expression. Second on that list, though, is how you are presenting yourself to others. That can make you feel confident, happy, enlivened, captivating and powerful. It can give you the edge over your competition or simply convey a story that you don't have to tell about who you are and what you believe, feel, and think. You are a brand but not one sold in a mall, off the rack. You are different and you can show what is thoughtful and deep, quirky and fun, profound and meaningful, all in how you present yourself. That is the style that we will build for you, an integrated patchwork of the different versions of yourself that you wear every day, every week, every year, from feelings and thoughts to vision and sensation.